Web in Support of Knowledge Management in Company
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ESPRIT Program December 1998 - June 2000
Project No.29065
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      Project Overview
Business Objectives 
Two important perspectives are considered :
  • Business perspective
    Why, where, and to what extent the organisation should invest in or exploit knowledge. Which strategies, products and services, alliances, acquisitions, should be considered from knowledge-related points of view.
  • Management Perspective
    Determining, organising, directing, and monitoring knowledge-related activities required to achieve the desired business strategies and objectives. 
The market for KnowWeb Toolkit consists of all knowledge-intensive organisations who are aware of advanced IT technologies, preferably following the trends of globalisation in their business area. For the purposes of exploitation preference will be given to early adopters and innovators. Usually these organisations can be characterised as those who have a significant investment in people, are very flexible in their operation - focusing on re-engineering and re-design of their business/industrial processes, and are customer oriented. 

The requirements for success for the projects final products are that it be easily understandable, easy to use, maintain and adapt to growing knowledge, portable across application areas, and show a return on investment for companies who adopt it.


Technical Objectives 
Utilising know-how and expertise of the project partners in ITs (knowledge engineering, Web technologies), based on needs analysis of industrial partners a conceptual framework and a generic architecture for computational support of organisational learning will be developed. To assess this framework, organisational memories will be prototyped in collaboration with the industrial partners and assessed in naturalistic settings. 

Within this framework the KnowWeb Toolkit will involve the following functional modules:

    Organisational memory (corporate memory) module - Web-based mechanism to capture and represent knowledge and information within the organisation - we will refer to it as Web-OrgMem.

    Tools for management of the organisational memory (update, modification, adaptation etc.) - Man-OrgMem.

    Mechanism for retrieval of knowledge/information relevant to the given task - ReKnow.

    A tool for management of efficient communication flows - Comm Tool.

* Access to these reports is restricted to authorised project partners
Proceedings of Conferences 
  • Dzbor, M. - Kende, R. - Sabol, T.: KnowWeb - An Intelligent Information System for Support of Knowledge Management. 10th International DAAAM Symposium, Vienna University of Technology, Austria (to appear).
  • Paralic, J. - Sabol, T. - Mach, M.: Intelligent Knowledge Management. Paper accepted for the 3rd IEEE conference INES 99, Stara Lesna, Slovakia (to appear).
  • Kende, R. - Sabol, T. - Furdik, K. - Mach, M.: An Information System for support of Knowledge Management in Company. Budapest 1999 (to appear).
  • Dzbor, M. - Furdik, K.- Mach, M. - Paralic, J.: Organisational Memory: A Knowledge Modelling Approach. 10th International Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems IIS 99, Varazdin, Croatia, 1999 (to appear).


Workshop presentations 
  • Dzbor, M.: KnowWeb - Web in Support of Knowledge Management in Company, Presentation and talk given at 1st BOPS Workshop, INSEAD, Fontainableau, France, March 1999.
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