Web Technologies Supporting Direct Participation in Democratic Processes


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WEBOCRAT is a Web-based e-Government solution that combines a powerful knowledge management technology backend with a fully customisable Web user interface. The Webocrat system has been designed in a modular way implementing the following functionality: discussion management, publishing on the Web, opinion polling, reporting, intelligent retrieval of information, and knowledge management.

The eGovernment application like the Webocrat system involves a large number of heterogeneous users, they can still be characterised in terms: system administrators, service operator and service customers.

Although Webocrat can be used by a wide range of organisations, the implemented system is especially addressed for usage in the public sector and more typically by local governments. The Webocrat system brings public administration closer to citizens, making it more accessible and easier to understand. The system encourages more participation in democracy as well as makes administration more efficient.


The WEBOCRAT system was produced as a result of the EU IST project WEBOCRACY: Web Technologies Supporting Direct Participation in Democratic Processes, IST-1999-20364. The project started at October 1st, 2000 and finished at December 31st, 2003.

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