Web Technologies Supporting Direct Participation in Democratic Processes



"The added value of engaging citizens on the Web is that it's a different channel that attracts people who may not participate through other means."
Peter Thomson, Wolverhampton City Council's Policy Officer for e-government, (show)
"Webocrat has brought our communication with the citizens to a higher level. From my point of view the image of the city ward has improved."
Ladislav Lumtzer, the ward's mayor (show)
"Please tell the Webocracy team that I enjoyed very much their dummy eGov site. It is functional, clear and well readable. Congratulations, for this effort towards transparency!"
Michel Chevallier, Secrétaire adjoint, CHANCELLERIE D'ETAT, GENEVE

Project of the month November 2003: WEBOCRACY


The IST-funded project WEBOCRACY developed a Webocrat system to speed up the modernisation of information systems and allow citizens to participate more actively in opinion polls and the discussion of local issues as well as allowing them to access information about local services more easily through the Internet. (read more... / see Questions & Answers)


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