Web Technologies Supporting Direct Participation in Democratic Processes


Media Kit

Feel comfortable to download the following informational materials.

Webocrat Leaflet (pdf 80 kB)
A two page marketing piece. Gives you the very basic facts of our project.
Project Presentation (pdf 48 kB)
This document describes the project background.
Dissemination and use plan (rtf zip 225 kB)
The report describes the plans of the Webocracy Project consortium for the dissemination of knowledge and experiences gained during the implementation of the project and plans for the use and exploitation of the project results. Conferences, workshops, presence on the web, and partners that will be used for dissemination of the project results are also specified in the report.
Evaluation strategy (pdf 139 kB)
The report presents an overview of the evaluation strategy for the trials in Kosice and in Wolverhampton. A survey of what you can retrieve from a web server's log files has been carried out. Further another survey has been carried out to discover how to follow users movement on the website and what conclusions we can make from that.
Trend reports 1: (pdf 442 kB) 2: (pdf 815 kB) 3: (doc 1073 kB)
These reports examine the currnet trends in e-Government and e-Democracy.
Edited Annual Report for Publication (pdf 2735 kB)
This report is a rolling document aimed at presenting information about the Webocracy project to the public. It summarises information about the project (basic data about the project, objectives and information about partners). Furthermore, it provides information about results achieved within the project. This version of the report covers roughly the first, second and third project years.

Supporting materials

Installation manual (pdf, based on pilot installation) (HTML)
(read also installation manual updates (txt) )

Knowledge Model Developers Guide (pdf)
Operator's guide (HTML+Flash)
Manager's guide (Pdf)
Operations Guide (Pdf)

Citizen Guide (Pdf) / Citizens Guide (HTML)
LA Employee Guide (Pdf) / LA Employee Guide (HTML)

Source code API webocrat (HTML)
Source code API csap (HTML)