InterSoft, a. s.

The InterSoft, a. s. is a company operating in information technology area. The InterSoft, a. s. was established in the year 2001. In the year 2004 the company changed the scope of business activities with more accents to modern information and communication technologies, and to provide new types of services in this field. The change was related to the joining Slovakia to European Union and the global context resulted from that for the company.

The basic idea to establish the company was the association of partners of the international R&D project Esprit 29065 "Web in Support of Knowledge Management in Company (KnowWeb)" supported by EU in the 4th frame program. The company was founded with intention to build on international experiences of software development for domestic or foreign customers, to exploit the status and international business contacts of partners and capitalize competitive advantage resulting of this association.

Present activity of the company includes outsourcing of analytic and development works in the area of web technologies, knowledge management, and sophisticated internet-based information systems etc.

We are cooperating with several self-government and public administration organizations, business field and civic sector mainly in the area of e-Government and e-Democracy. For our business customers we developed and host several web-based portals with publishing possibilities, wide range of adaptive tools for intelligent administration of published content integrated to sophisticated information systems.


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