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Today's corporation succeeds based on its ability to establish and sustain a network of strategic business partners.
   "Do what you do best and outsource the rest" is the credo.
   Our developers possess extensive knowledge and experience with many areas of information technologies. They have participated in several international projects, they are able to work towards deadlines, have project management skills, and experience in working in international teams.
   InterSoft, a. s. provides tailored software solutions at affordable prices. more...

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In the field of e-Government and e-Democracy we provide complex solutions to increase efficiency and transparency of communication process between citizens and institutions.
   Quality of our solution was proved in international projects with EU support.
   Offered solutions are scalable and customizable web-based information systems with many interactive elements to increase participation of citizens in the democracy process of the public administration. more...

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Integration of the European Union and processes related to that provide a wide area of stimulation for the development of almost all fields of economy impacting either the public or private sectors. Our specialists with support of prestigious partners cooperate with public administrations, local enterprises, foundations and civil or regional associations. With their cooperation our specialists are ready to help with preparation of activities using EU funds. more...

VICINITY project
InterSoft, a.s. is a research partner in the VICINITY H2020 EU project.

VENIS project
InterSoft, a.s. is a user and research partner in the VENIS ICT FP7 EU project.

EBBITS project
InterSoft, a.s. is a research partner in the EBBITS ICT FP7 EU project.

ELLIOT project
InterSoft, a.s. is a user and research partner in the ELLIOT ICT FP7 EU project.

OCOPOMO project
InterSoft, a.s. is a research partner in the OCOPOMO ICT FP7 EU project.