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The SmartOffice pilot application of ELLIOT - IoT-based energy efficient office.

  • General goal: to enhance the ELLIOT platform by integrating the semantic Ambient Intelligence (AmI) technology with the Internet of Things, People and Services approach in an application of the Energy Efficient Office use case, so-called Smart Office.
  • Focus:
    • experiment the ELLIOT outcomes and the new semantically enhanced AmI technology in the Energy test case in Slovakia;
    • demonstrate the platform capabilities towards a positive impact on environment (energy consumption, CO2 footprint).
  • Technology:
    • AmI-IoT: based on LinkSmart middleware,, using outcomes of the FP7 project ebbits,;
    • Semantics: device ontology, fusion of generated events, business rules;
    • Devices: energy consumption monitoring, environment conditions sensing and controlling, occupancy sensors - Plugwise, Arduino, etc.

SmartOffice installed in the office room

Download information materials:

Presentation of the SmartOffice solution (PDF, 2 MB)

Brochure / Leaflet describing the SmartOffice pilot - its basic principles and outcomes in the context of the ELLIOT project (PDF, 3 MB)

video...Video presenting the SmartOffice application:

video...Video presenting the use of web portal interface of the SmartOffice application:

More information: