InterSoft, a. s.

Why to outsource?

Today's corporation succeeds based on its ability to establish and sustain a network of strategic business partners. "Do what you do best and outsource the rest" is the credo.

Through innovative outside relationships, organizations are aggressively reshaping themselves and fundamentally changing the way they do business. Unprecedented levels of performance and profitability have resulted from these efforts. The bottom line is that outsourcing has become one of today's most powerful, organization-shaping management strategies. Smart corporations of the future will serve their customers by functioning more as a focuser of resources than as an owner of resources.

Outsourcing a non-core function like data processing and applications development or implementation to a high quality provider that gives enhanced levels of service at a lower cost helps businesses to compete in today's highly competitive marketplace.

We provide

The following short list demonstrates you a general outline of our services for various business branches.

  • Design and development of web-based applications
  • Porting legacy applications
  • e-Commerce solutions
  • Development of client-server and peer-to-peer applications
  • Computer and information security
  • Software testing
  • Replication and synchronization of data
  • Electronic catalogues
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Distributed and mobile software systems
  • SOA, Cloud computing 
  • Artificial intelligence technologies, including:
    • Data mining
    • Knowledge management
    • Information retrieval
    • Natural language processing
    • Decision support

Programming skills and development environments

The members of our development teams possess extensive knowledge and long term professional experience with the following environments and technologies.

Windows NT/2000/XP/CE, Solaris, SCO, HP-UNIX, Sinix, SunOS, Linux, Novell Netware

Software development:
C, C++, C#, Java, J++, J#, Visual Basic, Pascal, Delphi, Perl, FoxPro, Lotus Script, VB Script

Development tools:
MS Visual Studio, MFC, STL, MS .NET, Watcom C++, Borland C++, OWL, C++ Builder, ANSI C/C++, Visual Age, VisualCafe, JBuilder, Eclipse, Forte 4J, IntelliJ, Apache Ant

Java technologies:
Java Servlets, Tomcat, Java Applets, JSP, Java Beans, Java Enterprise Beans, JDBC, JDO, Turbine, Velocity, Castor, Lucene, Struts, Hibernate, Torque, Xerces

Database systems:
SQL, 4GL, Oracle, Informix, MS SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, Sybase SQL Anywhere, InterBase, MS Access, Btrieve, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, JDBC, FoxPro

Internet technologies:
HTML, XHTML, XML/XSL, Java Script, CGI, ASP, JSP, PHP, Java Applets, Java Servlets, Web Services

Networking and distributed programming:
TCP/IP, Novell Netware, socket interface, client-server, RPC, RMI, COM/DCOM/COM+, CORBA, Web Service, mobile agents, network security, SOA, Cloud technologies


All developers are with MSc or PhD degree, most of them affiliated with the Technical University of Košice.

Staff members have participated in several international EU funded R&D projects, e.g. in the area of knowledge management Esprit 29065 "Web in Support of Knowledge Management in Company (KnowWeb)", Esprit 29015 "Enriching Representations of Work to Support Organisational Learning (ENRICH)", and in the area of e-Government and e-Democracy IST-1999-20364 "Web Technologies Supporting Direct Participation in Democratic Processes (Webocracy)".

The staff is able to work towards deadlines and has project management skills and experience in working in international teams. Some of the staff members have also experience with on site working in many European countries. The company is able to create on demand flexible development teams consisting from 2 up to 20 people. In case of larger projects the staff can be easily amended with people working towards their PhD degrees in information technology.

Company management is experienced in management of international R&D projects (with budget over 1,000,000 EUR), software development projects for companies in Europe and USA.

The InterSoft, a. s. is cooperating with and delivering software solutions for companies in many European countries and USA. The whole company staff is fluent in English (some of them also having good command of German, Hungarian, Russian, Czech and Serbian languages).


The InterSoft, a. s. is committed to providing tailored software solutions at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of flexible subscription and technology integration plans. Please contact us to find out more.