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Access-eGov projectAccess-eGov is an European FP6 R&D project aiming at the development of a solution supporting the semantic interoperability among e-government services across organisational, regional and linguistic borders. For service providers (on all levels of public administration - local, regional, national, and European) Access-eGov enables introduction of a (new) e-service to the world of e-government interoperability in an easy way. The government service registered in the Access-eGov may be localised, contracted and used automatically through agents and other IT components.

Project Acronym: Access-eGov
Full Project Title: Access to e-Government Services Employing Semantic Technologies
Contract No. FP6-2004-27020
Start: January 1st, 2006
Duration: 38 months

Access-eGov is built on peer-to-peer and service-oriented architecture, addressing the semantic issues through ontology-guided mark-up of local e-government service interfaces. Component-based security infrastructure provides a complete portfolio of necessary security services (authentication, authorisation, attribute management, access control, data protection, auditing) that are accessible through web service interfaces.

All the Access-eGov components are delivered as open source solutions through the GPL license.

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