InterSoft, a. s.

We offer the KnowIT! software package applying knowledge management and knowledge technologies especially for small and medium enterprises. This system is used to support decision-making processes, to manage and archive multimedia documents, for extraction of implicit knowledge from heterogeneous information sources (data mining) and intelligent data search by considering contextual dependences. There are several artificial intelligence techniques used, for example conceptual representations, heuristics, planning and scheduling algorithms, partially neural networks, and mechanisms of native language processing. The offered solutions are based on results of the international EU funded R&D projects as Esprit 29065 "Web in Support of Knowledge Management in Company (KnowWeb)" or Esprit 29015 "Enriching Representations of Work to Support Organisational Learning (ENRICH)". Today they are integrated and offered in the complex modular KnowIT! system. Currently the development of new functionality and modules of the system continues.

The main features already available in the KnowIT! software package include:

  • Document categorization in a tree structure of categories, logical segmentation of documents according to the content (in contrary to the classical directory organization).
  • User-friendly management of document categories and documents themselves supporting standard functionality as add, edit, delete, drag&drop functions.
  • Control of the documents flow: batch conversion of the tree structure to the category structure, automatic document import and check of the garbage collected documents.
  • Powerful content based search and retrieval.
  • Designed for MS Windows environment, support of MS Office documents family.
  • Client-server architecture for network solutions.
  • Security based on user profiles.
  • Comprehensive help, tutorial and training examples.
  • Preview of documents without the necessity to open them.

The InterSoft, a. s. offers consulting services in the area of knowledge management:

  • Is your organization knowledge-intensive?
  • Are you drowning in huge amount of useless information?
  • Are you not able to find the right information in right time?
  • Have you left an employee and all his/her know-how passed away?
  • Do you think that document flow in your organization can work better?

If so, then contact us and we will try to help you to organize the flow of information in your organization by progressive knowledge management methods.